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If you are interested in scheduling a Master Class in your studio, please contact us at:
Fees are based on the travel distance / location of the Master Class.
Master Classes are not only beneficial to students’ training; they also bring your studio more credibility and can serve as a fundraiser to studios whose Master Class attendance is high.

Our team of world renowned instructors are currently based out of the following cities:
(If you don’t see your city on the list, don’t worry;
We will gladly commute to your city!



Our weekend workshops for students run Saturday & Sunday.
Students take a variety of classes, including:

Students also engage in vital lessons in the following areas:

You may be able to host a workshop at your studio at little or no cost to your business!
If you would like more info on hosting a workshop at your studio, please contact us at:


We offer Pedagogical Seminars for Ballet Teachers. These seminars are 1-Day & 2-Day
seminars. We cover the Vaganova Syllabus (Russian Method) and also cover the differences between Vaganova, R.A.D., & Cecchetti in relation to body positions, varied arm positions, etc.

As a dance teacher, it is your responsibility to ensure that your students are being taught proper technique, correct terminology, and are given the foundation they need to advance if they so choose. Whether students are training for a future career or just dancing for the love of it, proper technique and training is vital to their current and future physical health, as improper and careless training gives way to serious injuries. Our pedagogical seminars promote correct technical training for overall safety and benefit to young dancers.

For more information on Pedagogical Seminars, please contact MaryElizabeth at:


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