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Ever feel like you’re hitting a road block with your business?  
Would you like to streamline your administrative operations?  
Do you need help with organization & professional business forms?  
Would you benefit from tips to increase retention?  
Would you like to learn how you could begin receiving tuition payments on time,
or how to make fundraising more effective?
Do you want to offer disciplined, high quality training but are not sure how to do so when there are so many recreational studios attracting high numbers of students?

Are you opening a new dance studio and would like some help strategizing and preparing?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, then you should consider our studio business consultation services.   We offer you effective tools and concrete strategies to help you achieve your goals.  Whether you just need to order business forms for your studio or need more intense consultation, we can assist you by helping your business run smoother and more efficiently through our studio consultation services.


So many studio owners are shocked to find out that running a dance studio is not so simple.  You go into this business thinking that it will be fun because you love dance, easy because you’re good at dance or passionate about teaching, and many even think they’ll be dancing more themselves because they’ll have their own studio.  For the majority, they find out that it’s not all fun, not so easy, and suddenly realize there is no time to dance.  In most cases, studio owners feel so overwhelmed by all of the hats they have to wear, there’s barely time to work teaching into their busy schedules!  If you’re thinking of starting a studio, let us help prepare you for what is to come, so you never have to get to the phase of being shocked, disappointed, or to the point of burn-out.  If you already own a studio and are feeling overwhelmed or losing passion for your business, let us help you work on solutions so you can begin to feel passionate about your career again!  A dance studio can bring great joy and can be a wonderful career, IF you have the right systems in place to maximize your business, keep your students and parents happy, and to run efficiently without making you feel like a slave to your studio.  If your goal is to offer high level training, but you feel pressured to lower your standards due to the fear of losing students to recreational studios, we can help.  It IS possible to keep your standards high and to run a successful studio.


Through Florida Ballet Arts – Professional Dance Alliance, you will be consulting one-on-one with MaryElizabeth Mock.  MaryElizabeth has a proven record of business success and has not only experienced firsthand, everything you have or will experience, but has overcome the obstacles associated with this type of business.

A little history: In the year 2000, MaryElizabeth took over a forty year old dance studio which, despite its long reputation of producing high level and professional dancers, was crumbling.  Correction, it did crumble.  The former owner had closed the doors for good and had walked away from the business which had dwindled down to just 18 students.  Within a couple of weeks of the closing of the school, MaryElizabeth unlocked the doors and put everything on the line to save the studio she once called “home” as a child.  It was a big risk.  The studio, under the previous owner, was only making enough to pay its teachers and nothing more; not even the rent.  Within only her first four months as owner & director, MaryElizabeth singlehandedly increased business by 320 percent, and in the next three months, by 416 percent.  Within her first five years as director, MaryElizabeth successfully increased business by a steady 835 percent.  For more than a decade as Artistic/Executive Director, MaryElizabeth Mock demonstrated her creativity, business acumen, and sharp attention to detail on a broad and diverse scale, consistently turning company visions into reality and earning great respect from the community through her expertise, commitment to excellence, and strong integrity.

In addition to her extensive background as a professional dancer, choreographer, Master Teacher, and studio owner, MaryElizabeth is a licensed Realtor in the state of Florida who grew up in the Real Estate industry. Her personal experience as a business owner with commercial leases, coupled with her professional Real Estate experience, makes her an asset to potential studio owners who may need coaching and guidance in this area.

When consulting with MaryElizabeth, you will learn what worked and what didn’t work, taking the guessing out of the business and saving you time and money in the long run.  You will learn how to make your standard business operations run efficiently, whether you’re there or not.  You will learn how to put on extraordinary performances without getting hit hard with performance costs.  You will learn how to define your studio in order to attract the kinds of students and families you desire to your business.  You will learn how to market effectively without draining your pockets.  You could instead, choose to attend seminars that will cost you into the thousands for you to travel, lodge, and sit in a hotel ballroom with hundreds of other studio owners, listening to a speaker who claims to have all the answers for your business.  Or, for a simple hourly fee at a fraction of the cost, you could have one-on-one personal attention to your studio and will receive the personal, individualized consultation needed to overcome the hurdles you face.  While all business owners face obstacles, not all of their obstacles are the same.  That is why individualized consultation is key.

Consultation may be done by phone or in person, depending on location.  Call or email today to set up your appointment!  
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Would you like to save yourself a lot of time creating the many forms and documents needed to run a studio efficiently?  Order our Studio Forms Packet and we will email all documents to you.  You change the wording as needed to match your studio.  We can send forms in Word, PDF, and Pages for Mac users.  Forms included with this service are:

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