Private Coaching

Private Coaching may be scheduled as needed for technical cleaning and polishing, or as needed in preparation for performances, YAGP, or upcoming auditions.  Private Coaching may also be scheduled on a regular weekly basis for students who would like the benefit of one-on-one training or for those whose schedules require training at times when group classes are not offered.

Private Coaching Rates

One Time Lesson or Intermittent Lessons:     
* $85 – 1 hr 
* $127.50 – 1.5 hrs

Weekly Lessons:     
* $75 – 1 hr
* $112.50 – 1.5 hrs

*Rates are based on locations where we typically coach.  If it is required by student that we coach in another location, rental rates of that location may affect the hourly rates shown here.  If travel is required beyond the Sarasota area, travel fees will also be applied.