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Whether you are a student of dance, a professional dancer / teacher, or a studio owner, we supply you with the coaching, mentoring, and skills you need to catapult your career to the next level while encouraging a balanced and fulfilling life.  

Greatness is not stumbled upon.  It is mastered through envisioning, careful thought, planning, training, and skillful execution.  

Don't just roll the dice.  Take steps to ensure professional and personal success.  Allow us to help you get there.  We believe in YOU!

Every small step you take today counts towards your future.   

FBA History

       In 1962, Jean Spear founded Sarasota's first professional ballet troupe, the Florida Ballet Company, and its official school, Florida Ballet Arts School (FBA).  The Florida Ballet Company was, at one time, the only professional ballet company in the entire state of Florida.  In the late 1970's, Spear passed the baton to Lynn Winslow, who in 1995, passed the baton to Richard Cash.  Cash decided to close the doors only four years later in December of 1999.  Eager to keep the FBA fire burning, MaryElizabeth Mock reopened the doors and resurrected the landmark school in January of 2000.  As the President and Artistic/Executive Director of Florida Ballet Arts Academy, she revived the Florida Ballet Arts Foundation and later founded the Florida Ballet Arts Ensemble, a pre-professional performing company featuring professional guest artists.  Through Ms. Mock's commitment to excellence, she not only carried on the traditions of the company and school that first introduced the art of dance to Sarasota, but brought the school to a higher level of training and performing for the enrichment of its students, while dazzling Sarasota audiences with cutting edge performances and choreography for more than a decade.

     Midway through that decade, MaryElizabeth found herself in demand on a national level, which began with frequent travel to various cities a few times per year.  By 2008, she was living bi-coastal with her son, making monthly roundtrip commutes across country between Florida and Southern California.  A decision had to be made.  She felt the calling to bring her knowledge to more people in more places.  Should she sell FBA?   There were offers from buyers, but none that gave her the confidence that FBA's legacy would remain in tact.  After all, that legacy was the whole reason she rushed in to save the school and these buyers had no ties to FBA or its history and identity.  What good was that legacy she worked so hard to save if FBA were to become just another studio?  Surely, the history would be forgotten and she was not about to let that happen.

FBA Today

     In 2010, the decision was made to transform FBA into an individualized training and resource organization and to remain in control of the identity and reputation of this longstanding school that has meant so much to so many people throughout the decades.  While continuing to preserve the rich history of FBA, we have focused our energy on greater educational outreach by bringing Master Classes and workshops to Sarasota and beyond, privately coaching and setting choreography on dancers for YAGP, have handled audition preparation for students wanting to attend Summer Intensives, college dance programs, or audition for professional companies and have helped students map out goals and plans through career coaching where we focus on the whole person, not just the dancer.


     For dance organizations, we have served as a great resource, supplying them with high level teachers for their ongoing faculty and for Master Classes, have handled national auditions for renowned dance organizations, have taken on artistic direction and production of performances, have supplied guest dancers, while also coaching dance studio owners through our business consultation services.

      We have supplied costumes, scenery, props, and Marley flooring to schools, companies, and performers on a national level.  Past clients include Dance Theatre of Harlem, Golden Apple Dinner Theatre, and recording artist Diana Ross.