Audition Services

Audition Site Coordinator / Liaison - 

As audition coordinator / liaison, we will serve as your direct point-of-contact with local studios and the local community to schedule and handle all of the on-site details for your organization's audition.

Audition Conductor - 

As an audition conductor, our team member will conduct your audition(s).  Some organizations choose to have us conduct the audition and also select the dancers.  Some organizations choose to have us only conduct the audition and allow them to choose the dancers through video or by sending a representative to observe the audition.

We have coordinated and conducted auditions coast-to-coast, from California to Florida.  

Our past clients include Carreno Dance Festival, under the direction of Jose Manuel Carreno and

Robert DeWarren, and Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts, under the direction of Sharon Dante.

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