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To train students to their full potential, while building self esteem and supplying them

with valuable skills needed to pursue any path in life.


It is our belief that anything worth doing, is worth doing well.  Because you have chosen our team, we assume you hold the same belief.  Whether a student is training for a professional career in dance or just dances for the love of the art, we believe in giving the very best training and preparation to each student.

Our students learn discipline, proper technique, terminology and theory, classroom etiquette, backstage theater etiquette, self responsibility, and develop artistic abilities for performing in addition to their physical conditioning.

The rewards of proper training are priceless. The training and consultation students receive from our faculty is unparalleled, supplying them with the discipline, focus, work ethic, life skills and preparation needed to pursue any career or academic path.


FBA’s students’ great successes are a testament to our philosophy.  Our students who have pursued dance careers have gone onto dance for companies such as Boston Ballet, Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal, Texas Ballet Theatre, Ballet Theatre of Maryland, Ballet West II, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, Tokyo Disney, The Royal Ballet in London, and 'On Broadway' in the original cast of "Mamma Mia". 


Our students who have pursued academia have attended Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, Vassar College, Cal Tech, NYU, Fordham, Columbia University / Columbia Law, Emory, Stanford, SMU, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Ringling College of Art + Design, Pratt, UF, FSU Law, and New College, just to name a few.  Our graduates hold Juris Doctorate Degrees, Medical Doctorate Degrees, Ph.D.’s, Master’s Degrees and are working in a wide range of fields including Chemistry and Science, Medicine, Engineering, Law, Aviation, Business, Physical Therapy, Culinary Arts, Creative Writing, Design, Stage/Screen Acting, and Dance.  The disciplined training environment we have offered to students over the past five + decades has greatly contributed to the massive success and achievement in so many lives of our alumni, while also having offered them a healthy athletic and artistic outlet in a professional dance environment.

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