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Master Classes & Workshops

We offer Master Classes and Weekend Workshops at various times throughout the year in Florida and we are frequently hired to teach Master Classes at various locations nationwide.

Master Classes and Weekend Workshops are valuable experiences for students and can also be a great tool to increase traffic to your studio. Hosting a Master Class or Workshop brings credibility to your program, increases visibility for your studio, and in many cases, will cost you nothing.  If attendance is high enough, it can actually bring your business a little profit and serve as a fundraiser!

If you are interested in hosting a Master Class or Weekend Workshop at your studio, please contact us at:

Click here for info on our next Master Class and Q & A

with Addul Manzano!

Past Master Classes & Workshops Taught by Professionals from:

Martha Graham Modern Dance Company

Bill T. Jones Arnie Zane Company

Royal Danish Ballet

Boston Ballet

National Ballet of Cuba

Kirov Academy

Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts

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